Blind Rivets


Product Description

Buildex® Multigrip Rivets

Provide an effective and an economical alternative to other, more costly methods of fastening, because one size handles the grip range capacity of up to 3 standard open end rivets.

They can clamp a wide range of material thicknesess, reduce inventory requirements, provide superior clamping and high strength, have high vibration resistance and completely fill the hole during riveting.
The Buildex range is available in Bulk packs and Clamshell packs and head painted in the full range of Colorbond® colours.

How to Install
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  1. Drill hole to required size to suit rivet. Insert rivet mandrel onto tool making sure to use correct size nose piece on tool.
2.Place rivet in hole and squeeze plier once or twice until stem snaps. 3.Open plier and turn upside down until stem falls out.Place rivet in hole and squeeze plier once or twice until stem snaps.



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